brain trust in Folie a Dupe
12th Aug 2019, 9:37 PM
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brain trust

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Author Notes:
12th Aug 2019, 9:37 PM


first comic experimenting with using mixed palettes to represent different colors for different parts. it's ugly, but it was a big step. also features another small piece of gray's more physically threatening behaviors when upset, which don't usually get drawn into the comic, but certainly influences the behaviors of the others in the comic.

dupe also mentions the concept of emotional bleed in this comic, which is just a natural occurrence when you share the same brain -- some parts may feel or express amplified emotions in response to trying to override contradictory emotions, or may react in strange ways to one another feeling certain emotions, because they are uncomfortable feeling the same emotion, or a similar one.
dupe has a natural ability to switch emotional rails quickly and feel them quite intensely or subtly, but in a non-committal way, which has allowed them to, somewhat uniquely, co-exist fairly well with the others (when they WANT to) while maintaining their own sense of identity.
gray is also willing to be influenced as a person, but can't usually express sentiments they don't genuinely feel or imagine, meaning they tend to revolve around singular points of cognitive dissonance until they understand or reject the different perspective sufficiently to modify their own views or that of the conflicting part.
gray may take on different tints when surrounded by different colors, but it's always gray... the chameleon is not always the same color, but it is always a chameleon.