mega something in Folie a Dupe
12th Aug 2019, 11:42 PM
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mega something

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Author Notes:
12th Aug 2019, 11:42 PM


...this comic was understandably pretty relatable to a lot of people... but there were some subtleties that really punctuated the topic of the comic for me.
the ending of the comic made it clear that the topic of grass triggered a memory of a childhood pet dying horribly from heart failure and no treatment.
if it was someone else's comic, this would've made it obvious why the thought floated away in the first half to me... but i got the feeling that was missed by a lot of readers for a reading that assumed a general sort of air-headedness or forgetfulness.

once again, the kitsune on the left is my wife's fursona.
since she never got a comic of her own... the thing with knives for hands is contra, an internal part who rarely interacts at all and mainly serves to monitor and dictate memories and thought processes, and eject or inject other parts into conscious existence silently if the situation seems to need it direly.